School Staff Surveys lets you run staff engagement surveys at your school.

Easy to set up. Designed especially for schools.

"The survey is exactly what we wanted. It was easy to use and the results were easy to interpret. The service has been outstanding -  we will be using it again!"
-- Irfan H Latif, Principal, DLD College London
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How SchoolStaffSurveys works


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It's free to try everything out, then £100 per questionnaire you run. You can run them as often as you like. Or never again if it isn’t your cup of tea.


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We’ll create a unique link which you send to your staff.


Collect responses

Staff complete the questionnaire confidentially on any computer, tablet or smartphone. There is no limit to the number of responses you receive for each questionnaire. The price is per questionnaire, not per response.


Review the data

You can review the responses as a page of beautiful graphs. Share with staff and governors and anyone else, or no-one else, entirely up to you.

PS: Still not convinced?

Read on. Staff questionnaires build trust and engagement. This is important for lots of reasons:

Staff satisfaction

Have you ever met a great teacher who hated their job? If your staff are happy and engaged they are much more likely to become great teachers.


Staff who feel engaged are more likely to be prepared to try, and suggest, new approaches and techniques.


Teachers who leave a school often don’t tell you much about why. Find out before people are thinking of leaving what their concerns are.


If you build a reputation as a school that listens to its teachers, you will find it easier to attract the best talent. If you want to, you could even publish your questionnaire results for prospective candidates to read.

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