How to run a School Staff Wellbeing Survey

How do I run a staff wellbeing survey at school? Briefly, here's what you do:

Read on for step-by-step instructions:

(Prefer video? There's a 3-minute video overview here.)

1. Create an account

Go to the Sign Up page and enter your details to create an account. The Sign Up page looks like this:

Sign up page screenshot

2. Your account is ready to use

After you submit the sign-up form, you will come to a screen like this. Your first survey has been created for you:

Survey details screenshot

Each survey in your account has a unique web address which you can send out to your staff. When they visit that address, they will be able to submit their answers to the survey.

To complete the survey yourself to test it out, just click the View Survey to open the survey in a new tab.

3. Complete the survey yourself to test it out

When you click the View Survey button, the survey will open in a new tab. You'll see a page like this:

Survey response page

Answer each question however you like - you are just testing things out. You can delete your response later.

4. View the results

After answering all the questions, click on Dashboard to get back to your account. Note that only you can access your dashboard because you are logged in. Teachers completing the survey can only reach the survey response page to enter their responses - they can't access your dashboard.

Click on dashboard screenshot

Then click View Responses:

Dashboard screenshot

On the next screen click "Summary Graphs" or "Detailed Graphs":

You will then see some graphs a bit like this:

Summary graphs screenshot

5. Delete your test response

Don't forget to delete your response before you use the survey for real! Go back to the Table tab and delete your response:

Delete test response screenshot

6. Upgrade the survey to the paid version

You can do everything outlined above for free. The free survey works exactly like the paid version, except it is limited to accepting just one response so you can test it. Once you are ready for your staff to complete the survey, click the upgrade button to allow the survey to accept an unlimited number of responses:

Upgrade survey

Clicking the upgrade button will allow you to pay the upgrade fee of £100 online. The upgrade is effective immediately - as soon as you complete the payment, the survey will be unlocked to accept unlimited responses. If you'd rather pay offline (e.g. by bank transfer), then we can send you an invoice - just email and we can send you an invoice to pay off line.

Now you are ready to send out the survey to your staff. Go back to the Dashboard and click Details:

Dashboard paid survey

Then copy the unique web address for that survey:

Copy unique web address for the survey

Then paste the address into an email to your staff:

Now just wait for staff to complete the survey. You will get an automated email alert each time someone completes the survey. The results graphs are updated immediately, each time a response comes in.

8. Powertip: create different surveys for different groups of staff

You might want to have separate responses for different groups of staff (e.g. teaching staff, learning support staff, other support staff). To do that, just create a new survey for each group of staff. Go back to your Dashboard and click "Create New Survey":

Create new survey

Then give the new survey a name:

Give survey a name

Then repeat for each group of staff, until you have one survey for each group of staff:

To rename a survey, just go to the Details screen for that survey and click on the survey name:

Edit survey name

Remember that each survey has its own unique link - go to the Details page for each survey and get the relevant link. Send each link to each group of staff, and then you will receive a separate set of responses from each group.

9. Powertip: allow staff to write comments at the end of the survey

If you want to allow staff to include freetext comments at the end of the survey, just tick the "Include extra space for typed comments" checkbox:

Option to include comments

That will add a box at the end of the survey for staff to enter any other comments they want to make:

Comments box at end of survey

Remember to choose this option before you send the survey out to staff - once a survey has some responses, you can't remove or add the comments box (to ensure that everyone who completes the survey has exactly the same experience).

You will see all the comments at the end of the Detailed Graphs page.

10. That's it. Email if you need any help

About the author: Bruce Greig is an entrepreneur and has been a school governor since 2011. He served as Chair of Governors through two Ofsted inspections and four headteachers. He set up after discovering how enlightening an anonymous staff survey can be and decided to make it easy for every school to run them.